Laurent Garneau

Preserve Garneau is a not-for-profit society of concerned citizens.
We work to highlight Garneau's history, preserve its buildings and streetscapes for future generations, and act as a resource for anyone interested in preserving historic buildings and communities.

NEW RESIDENTS WELCOME to the Garneau Neighborhood!

Please browse these pages of this site and enjoy the places and characters which make this an area worth preserving! Our Welcome Letter will help answer some frequently asked questions and help you get aquainted with some of the unique aspects of The Garneau.

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To make way for student housing, historic Garneau homes to be moved by truck, or wrecking ball

Local Artist Exhibit Featuring The Garneau
January 11 - March 16, 2014
Houses/Homes-Neighborhood Scenes & Stories
by Wendy Gervais
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The Misener House receives a well-deserved dedication ceremony!

The Garneau Theatre Declared a Municipal Historic Resource!

Read Antediluvian Garneau by Dave Cruden
A guide to a nostalgic trip through Edmonton's Past by way of Garneau's streets.

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Early Garneau Homestead


The non-profit society Preserve Garneau Riverlot 7 was created by concerned citizens of The Garneau and the wider Edmonton community. It's founding principles are listed below. "The Garneau" area is one of the oldest in Edmonton, and has roots of deep historical significance to the University of Alberta, the City of Edmonton, and the Province of Alberta. Numerous prominent citizens have lived here in the decades since the area was created over 90 years ago, and one can find a variety of architectural styles amongst the houses here. This charming area, with its streets lined by large mature elm and ash trees, has been described by former Garneau resident and University of Alberta: Historian Professor Emeritus Lewis Gwynne Thomas as an "outdoor museum".

Founding Principles

  • To highlight the history of "The Garneau" for our residents and the public at large.
  • To act to preserve " The Garneau" community and its historic buildings for future generations of Edmontonians.
  • To educate and to act as a resource for other communities as they try to preserve their own historic buildings.

Preserve Garneau Executive

President: Doug Gorman : dgorman at theestatehouse dot ca
Vice President: Kevin Perrott: kevin at kevsplace dot net
Treasurer: Ottilie Sanderson
Secretary: Martin Kennedy

Statement of Position on the Long Range Development Plan

PRESERVE Garneau's position is that the University's Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) is flawed. It was passed without any consideration of the heritage value of the University owned properties in North Garneau, and without any meaningful consultation with the greater community. The University hired assessors agree with PRESERVE Garneau on the heritage value of neighbourhood and the homes within. It is time for the University to consult with the community and to revise the LRD Plan.

The importance of getting the University to recognize the heritage value of this neighbourhood and these houses is evident, with the University already having commenced development. The International Students' Residence under construction at the northeast corner of 111 Street and 88 Avenue shows how little regard the University has for heritage value. Built entirely out of scale with the neighbouring heritage homes and the more appropriately scaled Universiade Games residences nearby, this project doesn't give even a "passing nod" to the historic Algonquin apartment which once stood on its site. The Algonquin was a stylish LeMarchand-type apartment block that the University acquired during the dark era of the 1960s Garneau expropriation and take over binge. When the building was closed one winter in the late 1970s, someone forgot to drain the radiators and it was damaged beyond repair. The current LRD Plan calls for development of 1500 additional student residences in North Garneau. This is the equivalent of 10 buildings the scale of the six storey residence now being built.


Saving the Best of the Past for the Future
email: doug.gorman at preservegarneau dot org