89th Avenue

* = Prominent Citizen
** = Municipal Heritage Home
*** = Provincial Historic Resource

13/ 11004 89th Avenue

Built pre- 1934

  • 1934 David Reid - Manager, W.L. MacKenzie & Co.
  • 1956-70 Mrs. Harriet Reid

14/ 11006 89th Avenue

Built 1925-27

The properties 1106 & 11050 89th Avenues were acquired by James A. Ross & his wife Florence McDonald Ross. They are unpretentious expressions of the North American Georgian style adopted to the Garneau climate. Though the width of Garneau lots were rather small to accomodate a central hall plan, these are both gracious houses, and carefully maintained by their owners.These two buildings not only represent the Garneau style of building, but their owners offer a conspectus of the interests & connections of Garneau residents from the recovery from the 1st WW to the University.

  • 1927 James M. Ross* - Barrister, Lavell & Ross, Also, Deputy clerk of Court House
  • 1928 Ernest Lorne Fuller* & wife - Chief School Inspector, Provincial Government
  • 1930 Wilfred H. Parmelee - Official, Cadomin Coal Co. & respected member, Alberta business establishment
  • 1944 Clyde Campbell Gillies - Paymaster Adjutant Can. Corps & Farmer
  • 1970 sold to U of A by widow, Mrs. Alice M. Gillies

15/ 11013 89th Avenue Proctor House

Built by ?Daniel J. Morrison (contractor) circa 1914

  • 1914 Duncan McMillan - of Duncan McMillan & Co.
  • 1916 vacant
  • 1917 Ernest H. Wright
  • 1919-23 Edgar Noel/Athia Bullock - Arrow Lab. Co.
  • 1923 Dr. & Mrs. Proctor*, lived in the house until they died, Dr. Proctor in 1961 & Mrs.Proctor in 1964. Dr. Richard Proctor, radiologist associated with the Uof A, grew up in Manitoba & was educated @ St. John's School. Katherine Allison Proctor [OBE], came from Lindsay, Ontario. Dr. & Mrs. Proctor lived & worked for awhile in Edson & it's here that she commenced her long association with the Red Cross Society. The U of A recognized her service to the community when it conferred upon her the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. She founded the Junior Hospital League. The home itself has been well maintained with no major changes except for the addition of a second story sleeping porch above the wide verandah at the front. Though Mrs. Katherine Proctor made many impressive services to the institutional life of Alberta, perhaps her greatest contribution was the preservation & stimulation of a sense of heritage at a time when the material culture of the past was even more undervalued than it is today.
  • 1956 Allison K. Proctor
  • 1965 Howard Wright
  • 1969 Yves Puzo
  • 1970 Gerald H. Wright

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