Garneau Campus Heritage Homes Walkabout

In follow up to its Long Range Development Plan passed by the University's Board of Governors on June 21st 2002, the University of Alberta hired 3 prominent and well respected heritage architects to do a heritage assessment of the homes in the Campus in Garneau. We applaud this initiative on the behalf of the U of A but were somewhat dismayed that the assessment parameter only allows assessment of individual houses and not the area as a whole.

The University owned homes under discussion are on 87th, 88th, 89th, 90th, and Saskatchewan Drive between 110th and 111th Streets.

The addresses of some of the more prominent buildings, the background to their owners and some photographs of the Garneau Campus are included on the following pages. Listed below are some of the most prominent citizens who have lived there.

Prominent Citizens

  • 1919 Ms Emily Murphy - Feminist
  • 1917 Hon. Fred Morrison - Judge, District Court
  • 1923 Katherine A. Proctor - O.B.E. Hon Doctor of Law U of A
  • 1924 Hon.William R. Howsar - Judge, Supreme Court
  • 1925 W. Dixon Craig - Chancellor Anglican Diocese of Edmonton
  • 1927 Dr. Robert McLeod Shaw - Head of Prov'l Lab,Alberta Public Health
  • 1929 Professor Elliot - Outstanding Canadian Economist
  • 1933 Clyo Jackson - Dean, St. Stephen's College U of A
  • 1966 Marshall E. Manning - Supreme Court Judge

U of A Faculty

  • 1921 Edgar Stanfield - Prof. Uof A
  • 1921-62 Dr. A.W. Downs - (Ardrey) Prof. U of A
  • 1929 Dr. John D. Newton - Prof. U of A
  • 1933 Stanley Smith- Prof. U of A
  • 1956 Dr. T. Nelson - Prof. U of A Psych. Dept.

Notable Edmonton Businessmen and Politicians:

  • 1915 N. L. McDonald - President Edmonton Leather & Shoe Co.
  • 1917 Samuel T. Mains - Manager, North American Collieries
  • 1920 William Newsome - Deputy Provincial Treasurer
  • 1924 John T. Ross - Deputy Minister, Prov. Gov't
  • 1927 John W. Judge - Deputy Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs
  • 1928 Ernest L Fuller - Chief Sch'l Inspector, Prov' Government
  • 1936 David H. Boles - Director of Lands, Provincial Government
  • 1942 Fred Reynolds - General Manager, Edmonton City Dairy

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