Historically Designating Homes

The Garneau, situated in Old Strathcona , has over 40 homes on the Municipal Register of Historic Buildings. Of these 9 are in The Campus in Garneau . There are also 4 homes that are either permanently or provisionally designated as Provincial Historic Buildings.

A/ Municipal Registration :  The owner or any concerned citizen can apply to have a home/building listed on the Municipal Historic Register [See City of Edmonton Website ]. Upon receipt of an application, an independent committee performs an assessment of the historic and architectural merits of the home. The application for listing a home on the City of Edmonton's Municipal Historic Register is not an onerous task.  Indeed, members of the City of Edmonton's Heritage Department are always willing to help with enquiries and advice.

Homes/buildings on the Municipal Historical Resources Registry are either "A" or "B" heritage quality homes, with "A" deemed of greater significance than "B". The full lists of A or B listed municipal historic homes for any area of Edmonton are available through the City of Edmonton's Heritage Department.

B/ Municipal Designation :  Simply being on this Register does not protect these homes from destruction. This is because unless an owner agrees to also historically designate their home, it is not protected from future destruction. The Designation Process is relatively simple and information is available from the City Heritage Planners. Of the many Heritage Homes in Edmonton, only about 25 are designated and therefore protected from destruction at a Municipal Level. Numerous independent realty estimates show that Municipally designating a home in Edmonton increases its monetary value by upwards of 15%.

C/ Provincial Designation :   While Municipal Designation of a home or building is very useful  and in the majority of cases protects it, when an Institution such as a University, which is governed by Provincial Legislation, becomes involved, the property needs to be protected at a Provincial level. A designation of Provincial Historic Site, the lower form of Provincial Historic designation, while important, still does not legally prevent demolition of the home or building. Therefore, to ensure protection for the building, it has to receive the higher of the two Provincial Heritage Designations, that is, it needs to be designated a "Provincial Historical Resource" by the Province to be considered "safe".

The provincial designation of a home or building as a Provincial Historic Resource prevents destruction of that property  without specific consent of the Minister of Community Development. This is what " Concerv ", after a lengthy struggle, achieved in its recent campaign with The Rossdale Site. To initiate and to learn about the process of designating homes at a Provincial level, information is available at the Province's Website and by reading the Historical Resources Act.

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