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Mar 10 MLA Raj Pannu Applauds The Efforts and Successes of Preserve Garneau in the Legislature. (pg. 425 - Hansard)

Dr. Pannu:

Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. It’s an honour for me to stand and recognize Preserve Garneau, an organization that’s been, along with many residents of the Garneau community, striving to protect Garneau’s unique historical character.

In their ongoing efforts to stop the encroachment of the University of Alberta into the Garneau community, residents have had some notable successes. Last September I had the pleasure of attending the dedication of Adair park, named in honour of Joseph and Dorothy Adair. Among the many accomplishments attributable to this remarkable couple, I would like to note that Dorothy Adair was a founding Alberta member of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, the forerunner of the party I’m privileged to lead.

Community residents and groups have also been able to obtain historical designations for many of the houses in the area such as Rutherford House and the Cecil Burgess House. So congratulations to Preserve Garneau and other groups and residents for their successes. My thanks for their efforts and my best wishes as they continue their work.

Thank you.

Date Description
Mar 10, 2004 MLA Raj Pannu Applauds The Efforts and Successes of Preserve Garneau in the Alberta Legislature. (pg. 425 - Hansard)
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