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Garneau Housing Registry

Applicants who wish to purchase a home in the Garneau area simply fill out an application form to be listed as a potential buyer of a home here. Sellers of homes on the Registry are given the list of potential buyers to vet and contact as they see fit.

If not sold through the Registry the home can be then listed on the open market. There is no fee to use the Registry.

For application forms for the Garneau Housing Registry :
e-mail:  dgorman at davis dot ca

Preserve Garneau Membership

To apply for Preserve Garneau Memberships ( 10$/year):
e-mail: frances at cruden dot ca


1/ Alberta Heritage Digitalization Project .

2/ Edmonton City Archives - [Source of Henderson Directories and information on individual omes in Edmonton from circa 1910-1987]

3/ Canadian Archives Webpage.

4/ City of Edmonton Heritage Planning Department.

5/ Province of Alberta Heritage Resource Site.

6/ Heritage Resources in Alberta.

7/ Legacy Magazine Website.

8/ Architectural Terms/ Glossary.

9/ Sierra Club Prairie Chapter

10/ Heritage Canada


1/ A Field Guide to American Houses.
Virginia & Lee McAlester ISBN # 0-394-73969-8

2/ Historical Resources Act of Alberta .

3/ The University of Alberta, East Campus Area
An Historical Study, 1981
Lewis G. Thomas, Professor Emeritus,
University of Alberta.(Available at Edmonton City Archives)

4/ Bricks in Alberta. 
Printed by Co-op Press Ltd.

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